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    After 15 years of teaching, including 6 years of teaching in the UBC creative writing program, and a variety of other places, with a full spectrum of writing and commitment interests/levels, I know that the elements I most enjoy in teaching are the writer-mentor-to-writer work and the community that grows from writing workshops--writers coming together. So welcome to WritersWebWorkshop! 

    A new session of Novel Writing will began in January.  The next session of Life Writing and Writing for Children will begin in the New Year, too.

    Please take a look at "About Us" to have an idea of what is involved in being part of a workshop. Workshops are highly interactive and do require time and energy...but whatever you do put in does comes back in inspiration and energy!

    And if you're a former student, check out our The Place to Chat, an area to connect and re-connect. (You may need to re-register--email with any questions.)

    With your email address  (upper righthand corner), we can send you our newsletter and keep you up to date with changes, new courses, and reasons to celebrate, as well as articles on technique and interviews with past students and others you will find inspiring. Note: we value privacy; your email will not be shared. And check back as content will be growing and changing...  **NOTE: I occasionally experience some issues with my newsletter! So if you do not receive a Thank You note for your subscription, PLEASE email me: alison@alisonacheson.com

    Alison Acheson, administrator



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    Manuscript Critiquingmanuscript critiquing and script coverage